Cluster RabbitMQ in Docker

Docker is the kind of technology that grows on you. A couple of months I barely knew the difference between a container and image, but lately I’ve been exploring the benefits of using docker to spin up my local development environment and it is impressive how easy it is to getting started.

Local setup in minutes

TL;DR this is a Docker love story. Why spend hours setting up your development environment, when it can be done with a single command? Sort of, anyways.

A truly event driven web

Ever been to one of those aggregating search sites where the result list is populated in chunks, rather than all at once? Ever wondered how it works? Event driven sites are robust, extendable - and if you’re on a messaging system like RabbitMQ and a .NET client like RawRabbit, it is pretty easy to get started.

Making sense of all those logs

It is indeed a change of mindset to break up larger applications into smaller, contained services. One aspect of the transition, that is often somewhat overlooked, is the log file havoc that often sneak up on you when you least want it.