Making sense of all those logs

It is indeed a change of mindset to break up larger applications into smaller, contained services. One aspect of the transition, that is often somewhat overlooked, is the log file havoc that often sneak up on you when you least want it.

No such thing as perfect code

The date for the next major release of RawRabbit is drawing nearer. It is more than a year ago since I decided to implement a .NET Core1 client for RabbitMq. During this time, I’ve discovered some differences between developing a library and an application.

  1. I really wonder how much Microsoft payed for that domain.

Controlled concurrency

A few days ago, I asked the RabbitMq community for input on what is missing in todays high level .NET clients. One of the topics that came up was the ability to control the concurrency of messages consumed. This has been discussed before, so I thought I’d implement it for RawRabbit.

The year of secure internet connections

Government mass surveillance, Google's plans for Chrome and cost free SSL certificates. 2017 will be an interesting year for internet security, and I've started to align. This is the story of how expensive SSL certs made me change hosting solution for my site, and all the joy it brought.